Muhoroni Sugar Company Limited | Real Cane Sweetness
Sales and Marketing Department

Evaline Ruto
Ag. Sales & Marketing Manager

Musco produces and sales sugar as its main products and Molasses and bagasse as co-products.


Our Musco brand sugar is packaged in 50kg, 25kg, 10kg and 5kg bags and 2kg, 1kg and 0.5kg packs. These products are sold through distributors, wholesalers, retailers and also directly to consumers, mainly institutional consumers. Our distribution channel ensures our products are found in retail outlets and therefore homes, offices and institutions in the country. They are also to be found in leading supermarket chains outlets in major cities, towns urban areas, and shopping centers in most parts of the country.

We offer our consumers:
Why This Product(s)?
Benefit over Other Products:

This is sold to industrial buyers and farmers at competitive prices. Industrial users distill it to make portable and industrial spirits, and animal feeds. The industrial users provide other manufacturers with inputs for the production of other products like shoe polish; nail polish etc. Farmers use molasses as an animal feed feed supplement on animal feed.


This is the Cane Fibre residue after the sugar cane has been milled, and juice used in the processing of sugar extracted. Part of the bagasse is used as fuel in the Boilers to run the factory, while the remainder is sold either in its loose state or in bales with the following features:


The bagasse is used directly as fuel or in the production of briquettes which is in turn used as furnace fuel, instead of firewood thus saving our forests.


Bagasse is successfully used as boiler furnace fuel in the Sugar and Tea Industries, and is thus proven as an Economical and an environmentally-friendly fuel.