Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Muhoroni Sugar Company achieves its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives through the provision of funds and repairs of roads, supply of free water to the surrounding community, free medical services including provision of anti-retroviral drugs, a heavily subsidized primary school among others. The company has made significant impact on maintenance of infrastructure in cane zone.


The Company has set up a nursery and a primary school that offers top academic services to children of its staff and the surrounding community. Success Primary school has continued to be the best in Nyando district and the top ten in Nyanza province since its inception in the mid-eighties.


The Company has a medical unit within the premises to carter for the employees, their defendants and the surrounding community.


The company medical unit provides the following medical services to the staff, their families and the public in Muhoroni area:

  • Preventive Service
  • Curative Services
  • Promotive/rehabilitative services

The Medical unit is well equipped with both human and physical resources. This is further supplemented by outsourcing of an efficient health management provider.


MUSCO provides free water to over 40 families in Muhoroni town.

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