Annual Maintenace

September 2013: Factory has Resumed Operations after six weeks Out of Crop (OOC) maintenance stoppage.

Sept 18 2013: Sugar barons warned against importing cheap sugar

The Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture Felix Koskei has warned against importing cheap sugar, because that threatens the local sugar industry. Koskei says the locally produced sugar should be consumed first, and more imported only if there is a deficit. He asked the Kenya Ports Authority to check on illegal cargo, especially since at least 27,000 tonnes of sugar is believed to be smuggled into the country every day.

Aug 14, 2013: Agriculture Secretary promises to lower sugar prices

The Ministry of Agriculture has suspended all new registrations of sugar importers effective immediately, pending a validation of import licenses by the Kenya Sugar Board. The ministry says that the suspension is just one among many other measures it is taking, to save the local sugar industry.

New Receiver Managers

On the 6th December, 2012 Kenya Sugar Board appointed new receiver Managers; Mr. Thomas Makeni and Asa Okoth who took over Muhoroni and Miwani Sugar Companies from Eng. Owiti and K.A.K Bett after being in control for Seven years.

New Turbines

The organization acquired two new turbines for the Mills which were installed in December, 2012

Boiler Refurbishment

Boiler refurbishment to convert Boiler 3 from manual to auto control is an on-going project


We have fully commissioned ERP System with significant reduction in usage of paper and improved speed of transactions. Majority of business transactions are now on e-platform